CBD Oil Empire Spotlight on: Elixinol Brand Products 

At CBD Oil Empire we have made it a point to research and assess all of our products before we choose to work with any company or share their products with you. In this blog series, we highlight a different one of our distinctive, high-quality brands in each segment. 

About Elixinol 

Elixinol is a Colorado-based company founded on the desire to educate, inspire, and empower others all over the world to live naturally healthier, happier lives. Elixinol was founded by a group of passionate leaders committed to increasing awareness of ways to live longer, healthier lives, while reducing disease all over the world. Since 1991, Elixinol has been a global leader in the industrial hemp industry, building deep relationships with the top hemp experts in the world. As scientific research continues to validate the powerful impact of CBD and other hemp-based cannabinoids on human health, people around the world have reached out to experts at Elixinol for their expertise in developing CBD and other cannabinoid products. 

The goal is simple: to provide the highest-quality natural products in this fast-growing, worldwide industry. He has sourced only the highest-quality hemp from select locations around the world, using proven expertise in product development, manufacturing and fulfillment to create world-class CBD and hemp oil. 

Practices at Elixinol 

Elixinol is staffed by people who share a commitment to excellence. They have an unwavering commitment to producing only the highest-quality hemp oil and CBD products. Through long-standing relationships with industrial hemp farmers around the globe, they have secured hemp from the finest growing regions in the world, and from farmers who are committed to the same exacting quality-control standards they have. These high-quality strains of hemp are organically grown and naturally processed. 

Elixinol develops products that have been thoroughly tested and provide only the most beneficial delivery mechanisms. Elixinol customers receive only the highest quality, with product consistency guaranteed. 

Quality Controls at Elixinol 

Before Elixinol ships from their manufacturing facility in Europe to the US, all products undergo rigorous testing using advanced HPLC (HPLC-DAD) equipment in leading US labs to confirm the European results. Besides testing for potency, testing is also conducted for microbiological contamination, heavy metals, pesticides, and the unique terpene profile of each batch. They employ quality-control measures for every batch of Elixinol products and use only hemp-based product testing laboratories that mirror pharmaceutical-industry processes and controls. Their testing team has experience within the pharmaceutical industry spanning decades. 

At CBD Oil Empire, we carry a number of Elixinol products. We are eager for you to discover the benefits of CBD oil for yourself!