CBD Oil Empire Spotlight on: RSHO Brand Products 

At CBD Oil Empire we have made it a point to research and fully assess all of our products before we choose to work with a specific company or share their products with you. In this blog series, we highlight a different one of our distinctive, high-quality brands in each segment. 

About RSHO 

RSHO stands for Real Scientific Hemp Oil™. RSHO is a California-based company that proudly offers consistent, 100% natural Hemp CBD Oil. Through their state of the art, eco-friendly technologies and never-ending desire for innovation, RSHO is committed to providing only the best quality Hemp CBD Oil available today. 

At Real Scientific Hemp Oil, their commitment to quality is the basis of everything they do. They are dedicated to making sure that their products meet or exceed each customer’s expectations. They firmly believe that the power of hemp is unlimited, and the future of hemp begins now. That is why they lead the path to revitalizing the hemp industry around the world, producing and providing high-quality hemp-based CBD Oil products across the globe and bringing their customers enhanced health and well-being. 

Practices at RSHO 

Real Scientific Hemp Oil™ takes pride in providing only 100% natural, hemp-derived CBD oil derived from the stalk and seeds of special cannabis/industrial hemp cultivars. RSHO products are made from only 100% legal, non-genetically modified industrial hemp plants grown on family farms. To ensure that their products meet exacting standards, every batch of Real Scientific Hemp Oil is made using an advanced and environmentally friendly CO2 extraction process designed to maintain the efficacy of the CBD while minimizing thermal degradation of the cannabidiol oil extracted.  

Quality Controls at RSHO 

RSHO relies on industry leaders to ensure that their products are always safe and of the utmost superiority. They employ exhaustive attention to quality and safety, working with one of the most respected cannabis testing laboratories in the world, Pro Verde Laboratories. This third party testing ensures both cannabinoid content and safety for all Real Scientific Hemp Oil products, with continuous testing for solvents, heavy metals, or other potentially harmful materials. 

To make certain that you always get the world-class quality and high levels of natural constituents you expect, RSHO combines the power of hemp with the science of nature, employing rigorous lab testing combined with their proprietary technology to produce consistent products that meet exacting standards. The result is Real Scientific Hemp Oil, an award-winning, concentrated, natural hemp oil.  

At CBD Oil Empire, we have chosen to carry a wide selection of RSHO products. Whether you want to try CBD capsules, oil, or tinctures, we have a product for you! We look forward to helping you learn more about the benefits of their hemp-based CBD oil products.