Cibdex-CBD Capsules - 25mg - 30ct


Starting a healthy new supplement regimen sounds great, but who has the time? Healthy living shouldn’t be complicated, and neither should taking your daily dietary supplements. With Cibdex® CBD Caps, you have a way to get the CBD you want in an easy-to-take hemp capsule. Just swallow a single capsule with a glass of water first thing in the morning, at night before bed, or both for a complete hemp oil supplement without any fuss or complex effort.


  • Easy to Take
  • Contains 25 mg of CBD
  • Sourced from Sustainable Hemp
  • Non-GMO, 100% Vegan, and Kosher
  • All Natural Ingredients


Take one capsule 1-2 times daily.


Reviews (4)
SSergio P. Verified Buyer11/01/16
After 2 weeks of taking one capsule a day I feel better with more energy and stamina. Keeping my fingers crossed for even better results after a month.
PPatricia S. Verified Buyer10/25/16
I have been taking CBD for breast cancer while I wait for surgery. I had also been having a lot of trouble sleeping. I don't know if it is helping with the cancer but I am sleeping much better. I always take it in the evening.
JJessica Verified Buyer10/20/16
After using this product the seizures are less frequent and the anxiety has decreased. I am feeling better!! My husband says I am like a different person.
TTony L. Verified Buyer09/25/16
I’ve read lots of reviews for CBD products and this is the second bottle of CBD supplement capsules I’ve purchased. I hear from people that this seems to help with a range of ailments, but I was most interested in helping with anxiety — which it works wonders. You should know that this product is NOT made from cannabis it’s made from hemp. So anyone looking to be helped with appetite stimulation should probably looks elsewhere. This product has helped me wean myself off my xanax rx. Again, I’m very thankful.
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