Hemp Oil Liposomes 100mg - Citrus Twist

Hemp Oil Liposomes 100mg - Citrus Twist

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Hemp Oil Liposomes 100mg – Citrus Twist

  • 1 ounce in spill-proof bottle.
  • 1.5mg of bioavailable CBD per serving, 60 servings
  • Real fruit flavor naturally sweetened with Stevia herb extract.
  • Full-spectrum Hemp extract, no isolated or synthetic cannabinoids.
  • Organic hemp CO2 extract tincture
  • Miron violet glass, selectively allows the energising and enhancing violet wavelengths while blocking all others.

Elixinol’s new rapidly dissolving Hemp Liposomes are the latest enhancements to cannabinoid delivery. Now you can receive cannabinoids into the body faster, deeper and easier than ever before. We pre-dissolved our CBD Hemp oil and embedded it into microscopic liposomes. The safe technology allows you to absorb more cannabinoids with the aide of naturally occurring phospholipids which support cellular health and delivery of CBD directly into the cell.  With 100% natural fruit and herb extracts it’s a delicious supplement you will enjoy taking daily without a bitter taste.

A 1 ounce bottle of Elixinol™ Liposome contains 100 mg of cannabidiol extract or CBD hemp oil. A suggested serving is 5 dispensable pumps taken under the tongue or added to water (that is then shaken) twice a day or as directed. Each serving will provide many valuable nutrients including 1.5 mg of CBD per serving.


Reviews (4)
JJesse J. Verified Buyer11/13/16
Hello, my name is Jesse Milk. I started using CBD for many health reasons. I also bought some for my mother, because she has a seizure disorder just like me. Since we been taking the CBD, we have been seizure free. Me and my mother are absolutely for it all the way.
NNoel C. Verified Buyer09/29/16
I have bad anxiety and panic attacks especially when I'm driving but since I started using this product my anxiety issues have about resolved and I feel wonderful! I feel like I have a great quality of life now that I can drive around anywhere with out issues.
CCorey P. Verified Buyer09/17/16
Excellent product, which has helped get me on a regular sleep schedule.
SShannon G. Verified Buyer09/12/16
I often have anxiety & sleeplessness. I have a prescription to Xanax but hate the way it makes me feel. This is so subtle but all of a sudden I realize I am calmer & sleepy. No “hangover" the next day!
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