CBD Oil Empire Spotlight on: PlusCBD Oil Brand Products 

At CBD Oil Empire we have taken the time to fully research and evaluate all of our products before deciding to share them with you. In this blog series, we will take time to highlight a different one of our unique, high-quality company brands in each segment. 

About PlusCBD Oil 

Located in the United Kingdom, PlusCBD Ltd. has complete confidence that the future of hemp is only just beginning to be realized. Through the use and application of innovative and responsible science, their goal is to enhance the well-being of each of their customers and employees through their CBD oil production and many products. They are committed to advancing the CBD Evolution™ by becoming a leading provider of high-quality, hemp-derived CBD products worldwide. 

The CBD Evolution™  

The health benefits of hemp have been known for a very long time, but as new research is conducted and completed, that knowledge base is constantly evolving and growing. PlusCDB oil invites all of their customers to become educated about the science that explains the many beneficial compounds that are found naturally in hemp products, including CBD. They also encourage customers to share what they learn with others, spreading the word so that more people can benefit from these powerful products. 

Practices at PlusCDB Oil 

At PlusCBD oil, they believe that in order to provide customers with top-quality CBD products, they must be personally involved in every step of the complete supply chain process. From overseeing the harvesting of their specially-selected hemp seeds to conducting laboratory tests, they are committed to going the extra mile. 

Instead of using harsh chemical solvents for extracting their oils, they use a chemical-free CO2 extraction process. This “cold” process is conducted at temperatures natural to the original botanical hemp, ensuring the stability and quality of their CBD oil products. As an added benefit, the CO2 extraction process is both non-toxic and environmentally friendly. 

Quality Controls at PlusCDB Oil 

PlusCDB oil tests all of their standardized CBD oil products in their own state-of-the-art San Diego, California laboratory to ensure that customers only receive the safest, highest-quality, most potent products available. They analyze all of their ingredients and products for cannabinoid content and check for any contaminants, pesticides, heavy metals, or solvents.  

They employ a number of tools including liquid and gas chromatography, a mass spectrometer, and distillation tools to ensure they are supplying only the safest, most effective CBD oil products available. In addition, they submit all of their products for third-party testing. For third-party potency, pesticide, and microbiological contamination testing, they send products out to SC Labs. For heavy metals, they send them to Chemical Solutions, LTD. Certificates of analysis are available to customers upon request. 

At CBD Oil Empire, we have chosen to carry a wide selection of PlusCDB Oil products. Whether you are interested in CBD oil drops, capsules, crystals, chewing gum, salve, body butter, or lip balm, we have you covered! We look forward to helping you learn more about the benefits of their hemp-based CBD oil products.