Respira Hemp Oil 600mg – Grape Mint Flavor CBD vape Oil

Respira Hemp Oil 600mg – Grape Mint Flavor CBD vape Oil

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Respira Hemp Oil 600mg – Grape Mint Flavor CBD Oil

  • VG-Based Dietary Supplement.
  • Can be used in Vaporizers.
  • Kosher VG, Organic Hemp Oil
  • No harmful ingredients (PG, PEG etc.)
  • All Natural – Whole Plant CBD Vape Oil

Organic Hemp CBD Vape Oil

The Respira CBD Vape Oil contains the newest and most advanced formula for CBD. Respira is a versatile, multi-use product designed for convenience and ease of use. This CBD vape oil and dietary supplement is a high quality, full-spectrum cannabidiol tincture that’s great to be consumed orally, topically or with your vaporizer. Try thegrape-mint flavor Respira CBD vapables today!


Reviews (4)
CChristian J. Product Review08/07/17
Great flavor, great relief. I use it after my workouts and man does it relax me.
JJaclyn F. Product Review08/07/17
Great product, great taste, works great. Really happy I got it.
JJohn V. Product Review08/07/17
Super smooth flavor and long lasting cbd effect!
RRyan M. Product Review08/07/17
Works great for all of the above. Had initially started taking this for my anxiety and depression, but it definitely helps the pain in my neck. I get neck pains frequently from standing up too long... Nothing too serious, but it definitely helps with the pain.
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