CBD Chewing Gum 150mg


CBD Chewing Gum


Chicle Gum ethically sourced from the Rain Forest

  • Xylitol a natural sweetener found in Birch Trees

  • Wild Peppermint and Mint essential oils

  • Sunflower lecithin supporting brain

and neurotransmitter function

- Hemp oil 15 mg CBD per Gum*
- One box contains 10 pieces
(TOTAL: 150mg CBD)


Reviews (1)
MMatilda M. Verified Buyer08/07/17
I recently bought cbd chewing gum due to experiencing severe pain on a daily basis and I am so pleased with the results. I am never pain free but the chewing gum gives me instant relief which allows me to have a better quality of life, better than any prescription medication I have tried. The chewing gum itself tastes nice enough and the customer service is great. Cannot recommend highly enough.
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