How to Use CBD Safely and Effectively 

CBD, or cannabidiol, has researchers and health addicts all over the world excited. Its incredible potential is being proven again and again every day. We’d like to offer you a brief overview of how CBD oil works and how to use it. 

How Does CBD Work? 

Our brains contain something called G protein-coupled receptors, which interact with certain chemicals in anything we consume. If you smoke or otherwise ingest cannabis, THC attaches itself to one of these receptors, the CB1 receptor, and brings on the feelings of euphoria associated with marijuana.  

CBD, on the other hand, binds with the CB2 receptor and acts as an antagonist, turning them down or off. This ensures that CBD is not habit forming. CBD also binds to another receptor, the 5-HT1A receptor, as an agonist, promoting a reaction that reduces inflammation and provides a number of other beneficial effects. CBD is entirely safe and has been shown in countless studies to have no known negative side effects.  

How to Use CBD  

There are as many different kinds of CBD products available as there are types of people who use CBD – and that’s a lot! A healthy, versatile, proven supplement, CBD offers a range of known health benefits. It also comes in a variety of forms. 

CBD Oil 

CBD oil offers the purest and strongest cannabidiol products available today. It is the most concentrated form, containing the highest quantity of active CBD. It can come unflavored or in a huge number of flavored options. You take CBD oil either orally or using a vaporizer, which you need to purchase either as part of a starter pack or separately. 

CBD Capsules  

CBD capsules offer a tasteless, odorless option for ingesting cannabidiol. One drawback is that you are limited by the serving size of each capsule, which may make it difficult to find the precise concentration that works best for your needs. 

CBD Gum 

Another attractive option for consuming CBD is chewing gum. Many busy people consider this the ideal way to get CBD. It’s easy to use and requires no measuring or swallowing of pills. An added benefit is that chewing CBD gum is inconspicuous and the product is easily portable. But again, you are limited by the serving size when it comes to adjusting your dosing. 

CBD Sprays & Tinctures 

Perhaps the most versatile form of CBD, tinctures and sprays tend to be particularly attractive to new users because the serving size can be precisely controlled with the dropper or spray that is included. Tinctures and sprays generally come in a variety of flavors, offering an additional degree of customization. Users simply put a few drops under their tongue, enabling the CBD to act more quickly than many other forms of CBD, or spray them into their mouth. You may also mix the tincture drops into food or a beverage for even more versatility. 

CBD Topicals 

CBD is also available in a variety of creams, balms, and lotions that may be more practical than other forms of CBD products. They can provide multiple uses, such as moisturizing and pain-relieving, while targeting problem areas like your aching knee or back. You can also enjoy all of the health benefits as the CBD is absorbed through your skin directly in the area most needing treatment. The only drawback is that topical preparations tend to work more slowly than other CBD products do. 

With so many different product types to choose from, you can find exactly the right system for your needs. If you’re ready to try CBD for yourself, simply browse our products and place your order today!