Cebidiol™ CBD for use in Topicals - 10 ml bottle

Cebidiol™ CBD for use in Topicals - 10 ml bottle



Suspended, Micro-encapsulated, Time-release CBD for use in Topicals


  • Use in Cosmetic Formulations
  • Manufacture of Transdermal Products
  • Production of Water or Oil Based Topicals

10 ml bottle of Cebidiol™ CBD for use in Topicals:

  • Contains ~360mg NanoCBD
  • Perfect for formulation testing before investment
  • Can be used as a direct topical tincture

A Revolutionary Delivery System

Cebidiol™ revolutionizes skin delivery technology and allows active ingredients to become more efficacious and less irritating providing customers with maxi mun product performance. We micro-encapsulate CBD into layers. These microscopic spheres release one layer at a time so that you get little bursts of Cannabidiol (CBD) all day long.

This time-released delivery system enhances the delivery of Cannabidiol (CBD). With the Power of Cebidiol™ you get faster, more noticeable results.

Mechanism of Action

Each layer within Cebidiol™ releases the encapsulated ingredient in time-released intervals for all day delivery into the skin.

  • Permeation is greater with liposomal encapsulation
  • Eliminates irritation and optimizes dosage
  • Greater concentration and residence time in the epidermis and dermis
  • Protects encapsulated material from metabolic degradation
  • Reduces systemic absorption

Topical products benefit by utilizing liposomes when compared to “free actives” incorporated into conventional vehicles (ointments, creams, gels and lotions).

Advantages of Multi-Layer Encapsulation

  • Encapsulation = Improved Efficacy
  • Ingredient solubilization
  • Ingredient stabilization
  • Improved skin penetration
  • Protection of ingredient in biological milieu
  • Reduced toxicity of ingredient

Key Features

  • Spontaneous formation upon addition of water, without standard heating, cooling and agitation methods making it easier to encapsulate active ingredients.
  • Achieves higher encapsulation of active ingredients than conventional liposomes.
  • Can be used in higher concentrations due to lower cost enhancing encapsulation of the active ingredient
  • Improves active ingredient performance through highly effective delivery.
  • Delivers a greater amount of the active ingredients to the skin as compared to conventional vehicles.


  • Peg-12 Glyceryl Dimyristate
  • Proprietary Anhydrous Hemp Oil


Reviews (4)
JJessica E. Verified Buyer11/15/16
I was very happy to receive my CBD oil. It really calms me down and relaxes post work out muscle tension. Only complaint is that it jams up my vape a little.
GGregory C. Verified Buyer11/01/16
I bought this for my wife. She was having anxiety. Mainly from tapering off of a narcotic medication she'd been taking for several years. She is at the end of the taper and is doing really well. I certainly attribute that to her using CBD products. She would put a dropper full under her tongue a couple times a day. We are very pleased with this product.
SSusan T. Verified Buyer09/18/16
This oil has changed my husband's life - he has Multiple Sclerosis and the CBD REALLY helps him on a daily basis!
BBobbi C. Verified Buyer09/11/16
My husband takes this oil along with chemo drugs and he has had no side affects. These drops also allow him to sleep deeply at night.
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