Total Body Care



The first all natural, 100% bioavailable product for total body wellness, made with water soluble CBD* plus Ayurvedic herbs. BioCBD+™ Total Body Care is not only the most bioavailable CBD* health support product, but also the safest because of our patented technology, BioCBD™. 30 capsules per bottle.

We have set a new standard for the entire CBD industry.

Our products are more than just water soluble *CBD. Even if water soluble *CBD. Our products start with whole-plant CBD extract, and then we combine the full-spectrum CBD with Ayurvedic herbs because we thought our customers deserved even more! So, we made every cannabinoid, terpene and Ayurvedic herb in our products is 100% bioavailable. Every active ingredient in our products has been transformed into powerhouse nano particles through the use of patent-pending Hybrid NanoEngineering™.Nano particles (1/100 the width of a human hair) are easier for your body to absorb and transport to where they are needed within your body.

Human circulatory system, full figure, cutaway anatomy illustration, with clipping path included.

We have set out to prove that our water soluble formulations are 5x more bioavailable in the body than any oil based CBD currently on the market. In fact, our initial tests show that 10 mg of BioCBD™ is the equivalent of taking 50 mg or more of oil based CBD. Plus, you get all the added benefits from having multiple water soluble active ingredients.

*BioCBD™ is derived from organically grown hemp plants, and it contains all of the synergistic
cannabinoids, terpenoids, and other compounds of the original plant.


Proprietary Ayurvedic Blends

Every BioCBD+™ product is more than just water soluble CBD. All of our products feature a proprietary Ayurvedic blend of water soluble cannabinoids, terpenes and different Ayurvedic herbs. Our proprietary Ayurvedic blends have been formulated by our cofounder & Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Mewa Singh. Dr. Singh’s almost 30 years of experience in BioMedicines is infused in the science behind our formulations.

We understand the desire to know the exact amounts of ingredients in each of our Ayurvedic blends, and we wish we could share that information with you without jeopardizing our trade secrets. What we can share with you is the Ayurvedic blend (CBD, Curcumin, & Magnesium) makes up 440 mg of the total 500 mg contained in each capsule. The remaining 60 mg is composed of NonGMO starch from brown rice.



  • BioCBD
  • Curcumin
  • Magnesium
  • Starch
  • Cellulose


Reviews (4)
RRobert M. Verified Buyer10/31/16
I suffered from chronic pain from dental surgery (5 dental implants/bone grafts/infections) for the past 12 months. The constant pain made me anxious which eventually turned into depression. I was taking 16 ibuprofen plus Zoloft daily. I would sleep until 2 am, take more ibuprofen, and fall back asleep at 4am. It has been 21 days since starting CBD and I currently take 20 mg per day. It has eliminated my pain and anxiety completely. I would estimate that 80% of my depression is gone also. Since my first day using CBD, I sleep through the night and wake feeling rested which is why I no longer think about the price of using CBD.
HHazel I. Verified Buyer09/28/16
I have fibromyalgia, hip and lower back pain. I am overweight and need to exercise but the meds I am on make it difficult to do so. Want to try CBD to help me give up some of the meds. I am starting to feel better and think as I continue to take CBD I will continue to do so. I am feeling good about my choice to try this. Thanks, from one who used to be active.
MMatthew V. Verified Buyer09/11/16
I've tried many prescription and homeopathic remedies for anxiety but with no effect. CBD has helped to calm racing thoughts and improve my focus. Not a miracle cure, but a good start.
KKym S. Verified Buyer09/01/16
So much easier to take and very happy with no taste.
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