Salve 1.3 ounces



Nourish and hydrate dry, worn, tired areas of your body, from muscles and joints to rough elbows and cracked cuticles with our Real Scientific Hemp Oil™ (RSHO™) salve. Each 1.3-ounce jar of RSHO™ salve contains 50 mg of CBD, essential oils, and our unique herbal blend to revitalize your body and replenish critical resources lost throughout the day. Designed for whole body wellness, our topically applied salve can be used daily to address age spots, wrinkles, dry skin, and even muscle discomfort.

Ingredients: pure hemp oil, almond oil, beeswax, herbal extract, ginger root, cinnamomum camphora essential oil


  • Convenient, Travel-Sized 1.3 oz. Jar
  • 50 mg Cannabidiol (CBD) from Natural Hemp Oil
  • Camphora Essential Oil, Unique Herbal Extract
  • No Additives or Dyes, Vegan
  • Lab Tested and Certified


Massage onto skin before and after activity.


Reviews (5)
PPaige D. Verified Buyer11/27/16
It has a healing effect and is easy to apply.
HHarald S. Verified Buyer11/06/16
This product is delightful and very good.
RRobert B. Verified Buyer11/01/16
Using it helps with healing the internal wound of my foot.
WWalter O. Verified Buyer09/20/16
Don't know about this one, does not seem to do much difference on skin, maybe it needs more time but not sure if it will help.
VVeronica S. Verified Buyer09/19/16
My 9 Yrs old boy and my friend's daughter who is 10 suffer eczema, their skin are dry and itch on their joint. After use this cream for 1 time, u can see the improvement. Highly recommend!
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