Blue Label Tincture 500mg 2 oz


RSHO Blue Label Tincture

With 2.5 times the potency of our 1 oz. tinctures, our 2 oz. jar packs 10.5 mg of CBD into each serving. A fuss-free way to add our Blue Label CBD hemp oil to your day, our Blue Label tincture takes our popular pure decarboxylated hemp oil and combines it with medium-chain triglyceride oil derived from wholesome coconut oil and sustainably sourced palm oil. Our minimally processed full-spectrum CBD hemp oil has 500 mg of CBD and is abundant in vitamins and minerals, terpenes, essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, chlorophyll, and other cannabinoids naturally found in hemp. Because this CBD tincture can be taken as-is or added to your favorite food or beverage, RSHO™ hemp tincture offers CBD in its most handy form.


  • 1 fluid ounce RSHO™ CBD Tincture
  • 2 fluid ounce RSHO™ CBD Tincture
  • 500 mg of CBD with MCT Oil
  • Vegan, Non-GMO, Minimally Processed
  • Darkened Glass Bottle for Preservation
  • Lab Tested and Safety Certified, Not Psychoactive
Measure ¼ teaspoon and place under the tongue. Hold in the mouth for 60 seconds before swallowing.


Reviews (4)
JJayne H. Verified Buyer10/25/16
I recently went to the 500 strength of hemp oil and I think it is helping my arthritis more. At this time I am using two sprays each morning. Since i started using hemp oil months ago I do not want to be without it. I intend to keep using it and will increase the dose if necessary. It is a bit expensive, but l think it is worth it. I have told friends about it and encouraged them to try it as well.
JJeffrey H. Verified Buyer10/18/16
I very rarely sleep through the night and once I wake up I am awake, then tired all day. My first night using this I didn't wake once and now if I do wake up in find it easy to fall back to sleep. I'm loving it!
AAlice H. Verified Buyer10/07/16
I'm very satisfied, really helps to relax and sleep.
DDawn C. Verified Buyer09/07/16
I'm still in the stages of seeing if it helps. It does seem to help with my anxiety. I'm waiting for a "really bad" day to see how and if it helps.
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